Friday, June 13, 2014

Very High Returns Business Investment Opportunity

One time long returns...

Gaming Zone Business is a very smart investment option. Gaming Zone is a family entertainment center where in all age group people visit it for fun and entertainment. People always look out for new entertainment centers that has good theme and concepts.

A prestigious gaming and entertainment zone Brand is looking for partners.

Location: Hyderabad
Investment: 25-50 Lakhs
Return on Investment: 2.5- 4 %
Expected Pay Back of Investment: 20-26 months

Details about the Brand:-

Number of existing gaming zones: 26
Average revenue per month: 15-20 Lakhs
Number of upcoming gaming zones: 4
Pay back period: 15-20 months

This is one time investment and all we need to run the center is Electricity and good staff. Gaming Zone profits are much higher than other categories of business in a mall.

Do not lose this good opportunity...Opportunities never come back...

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