Friday, June 13, 2014

Low Investment Business Opportunities

Explore the numerous business opportunities available for your city or town. This is the right time to invest and start a new business. 

Please find the low investment business opportunities below:

1. Courier Franchise: 1- 4 Lakhs (6 Brands)
2. Ice Cream Parlor: 3-10 Lakhs (4 Brands)
3. Coffee Shop: 8-15 Lakhs (2 Brands)
4. Branded Clothing Store: 12-20 Lakhs (10 Brands)
5. Fast food outlet: 5- 15 Lakhs (20 Brands)
6. Solar Dealership: 1.5 Lakhs (1 Brand)
7. Clothing Brand Dealership: 2-4 Lakhs (2 Brands)
8. Play School: 6-10 Lakhs (100 Brands)
9. Education & Training: 6-10 Lakhs (60 Brands)
10. Business Services: 2-8 Lakhs (3 Brands)
11. Travel Business: 8-12 Lakhs (2 Brands)
12. Retail Stores: 10-20 Lakhs (36 Brands)

We will assist you in finding and selecting suitable business opportunity. Time to find the best opportunity that is suitable to you.

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  1. I want to become a solar franchisee what to do

  2. I want to take a franchise for fast food

  3. I want the details of fast food outlets which brands and investment

  4. I want the information about fast food outlets and which brands and how much investment require.....

  5. I want details fast food and resturent franchise and investment like KFC SAGAR GAIRE And all type resturent so please give me details this is my contect num 7566683300

  6. Hi,
    I would like to start Pre school Education in my home town and will able to invest 5 lak to 10 Lak

    1. My contact number is +233 540116036 and Local no is 984142219

  7. hy i m intrested in solar dealership and bussiness service can we contact on 9173646655

  8. I have clothing business so my contact no.9753679085

  9. I want retail ice cream tea my
    Com no 9924293777

  10. hy i m intrested in courier franchise.pls contact-7749888285

  11. I m fm lucknow interested to open food outlet

  12. I m fm luc interested to open food outlet pls contact 9415402518

  13. Looking for some cloth brand shop plz contact 7020737321

  14. Hey i'm interested to open courier and food otlet. Plz can1act @9160952286

  15. I am starting a new garment brand showroom Plz contact Mufti & spyker company