Friday, November 21, 2014

business opportunities And Business Solutions is a Business Services Firm headquartered at Hyderabad, India. This was started with an intention to help investors understand about good Brands in the market and also assist them in selecting the best Brand that would be suitable to their interest. We have done 3 years of research before starting this firm.

franchise in india And Business Solutions(FBS) is a business consulting firm which helps investors in understanding, finding, choosing and signing the best business and franchise opportunities

Franchise And Business Solutions And Business Solutions Franchising growth rate in India is the highest in world currently. With over 10,000+ new franchise outlets opening and at least 50 International brands entering every year, India stands on top in the franchise industry. India is the best place to do business and franchising is the best industry to invest money.

Friday, June 13, 2014

We are expanding…We need Entrepreneurs across India…

FRANCHISE & BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is a Business Services Firm headquartered at Hyderabad. We have 6 associates in 6 cities in India currently and we are in discussion with 10 people from 8 cities.

We are looking for Young Individuals who want to be part of "Development" of this country. We call it "Development" because we are going to play a key role in establishing good Schools, Education & Training centers, Fitness centers, Business Service’s companies, Quality Restaurants and Health Care centers in Tier 2, 3 cities and towns of India.

We are looking for Young Individuals who have following skills:
• Good Communication Skills
• Business Knowledge
• Basics of Marketing
• Good knowledge about his/her city

Investment: 3 Lakh rupees for each city
Agreement term: 5 years
Expected Revenue per month: 50000-1.5 Lakh

Individuals, who are interested in becoming our Associate, please mail us your details along with your location of interest. We are in need of Associates for all cities in India.

Please “E-mail” us for more information.

Join hands with us and take part in development of towns and cities in India. Let us all together develop our Nation.

Contact Us: +91- 8121 913913, +91- 8121 914914
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Low Investment Business Opportunities

Explore the numerous business opportunities available for your city or town. This is the right time to invest and start a new business. 

Please find the low investment business opportunities below:

1. Courier Franchise: 1- 4 Lakhs (6 Brands)
2. Ice Cream Parlor: 3-10 Lakhs (4 Brands)
3. Coffee Shop: 8-15 Lakhs (2 Brands)
4. Branded Clothing Store: 12-20 Lakhs (10 Brands)
5. Fast food outlet: 5- 15 Lakhs (20 Brands)
6. Solar Dealership: 1.5 Lakhs (1 Brand)
7. Clothing Brand Dealership: 2-4 Lakhs (2 Brands)
8. Play School: 6-10 Lakhs (100 Brands)
9. Education & Training: 6-10 Lakhs (60 Brands)
10. Business Services: 2-8 Lakhs (3 Brands)
11. Travel Business: 8-12 Lakhs (2 Brands)
12. Retail Stores: 10-20 Lakhs (36 Brands)

We will assist you in finding and selecting suitable business opportunity. Time to find the best opportunity that is suitable to you.

For more information contact:
8121 913913,8121 914914

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We are hiring…..We are expanding….

Franchise and Business Solutions is a business services firm head quartered at Hyderabad. Our primary services include franchise and business consulting, business planning, market research and leasing.

We are looking for young graduates. Please find the vacancies below:
• Business Consultants - 3
• Marketing Executives - 5
• Business Development Executives - 2
• Tele Callers - 2
• Leasing Consultant – 2
• Receptionist - 1
• Research Analyst – 1


a. Education – MBA
b. Good Communication skills & Presentation skills
c. Work Experience – Fresher/Experienced

Walk-in interviews only...
Date: 2nd June – 4th June 2014
Location: Flat no 401-B, Vaishnavi Residency, Vivekananda Nagar Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

For any queries regarding address, please call on +91- 8121 913913

Restaurant Business Opportunity

India's most prestigious restaurant chain is looking for investors and franchisees.

Businessmen...This is an opportunity that yields you very high returns and profits. This is one of the oldest and most experienced restaurant chain.

1. Investment : 50-70 Lakhs
2. Location : Across India
3. Number of outlets : 130
4. Number of upcoming outlets : 20
5. ROI : 3-5%
6. Break even : 2-3 years
7. Staff provided by the company
8. Area required : 1800- 2400 SFT

Do not lose this wonderful money generating business opportunity.

Talk to our team and finalize the opportunity for your city now.

+ 91- 8121 914914, +91 - 8121 913913

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